Bidding Farewell to Google Play Store

This is it! I’m leaving the Google Play Store for good! I never expected to make money from it because I started publishing too late when the market was already overly saturated, but I thought publishing some free games there could at very least result in some increased exposure and by consequence more work opportunities, unfortunately it only brought me headaches so far.

My last 3 games there were 100% free with no ads or shady stuff, internet connection was only necessary for the optional leaderboards. I’m personally not a big fan of the style of games that achieve success in the mobile market, most of them consist of either cheap reskins or just some very poor and unlicensed slideshow of a popular game or show in which gameplay is extremely limited, in some of them the only possible interaction is touching the screen to play sounds.

There’s nothing more discouraging than the Google Play Store, on one side the big studios are just scamming people with the most outrageous forms of psychological warfare to have the highest profits with absolutely no respect for the intellect of their customers, and on the other side there are these amateurish studios with totally unprofessional releases (many of them illegally includes copyrighted contents) that are getting visibility and profiting from ads. There’s no place for serious indie developers in the mobile market any longer.

As a result, I don’t have any interest in maintaining those games, nor can I afford to provide support for them, so I’m taking them down permanently. I’m listing them below along with their descriptions in the Google Play Store just for historical purposes.



Eye vs. Pixels


evpIntroducing the revolutionary intraocular laser-emitting rechargeable eye protection device! No more eye bleeding from 144p videos or up-scaled JPEG images! This device allows you to break the huge pixels coming at your eyes from any low-resolution image or video into smaller, high-definition ones! It’s the high-tech assault rifle equivalent for your very eyes! Point your eyes at them, shoot your lasers, BAM! Problem solved!

Rescue Racer

You are an ambulance driver. Your mission is to go from the accident spot to the next hospital as soon as possible. Weave through traffic while keeping an eye on the engine temperature and revs. Deal with bad drivers who won’t give you way, and try not to smash everything on the road!


This game uses the accelerometer of your device for the steering controls. IMPORTANT: You have to switch gears (touch right part of screen) otherwise you’ll melt your engine! Touching the left part of the screen brakes. Downshifting is automatic.


Speedy Spheres

Control the spheres on the abstract course while avoiding the moving obstacles and the dreadful creatures. Use the unique special ability of each sphere to your advantage. Level up and collect more spheres to help you reach the finish line safely.


How to play: Avoid the obstacles and collect the green spheres emitting smoke.

Controls: You can choose between tilt controls or virtual joystick. Touch the screen to perform the ability when using tilt controls, or use the green button when using virtual joystick.

Objective: Get to the finish line of every stage without crashing. Score more points than your friends. Try to reach stage 20.

Extra Help: You control the spheres through the stage. Every sphere has a different special ability and level. The higher the level the faster the sphere goes and the quicker the ability recharges. There are green spheres emitting green smoke on the stage; you can collect them to receive either more XP and Score OR an extra sphere. The chance of getting an extra sphere is proportional to the number of spheres you already have, i.e.: When you have 0 spheres, you’re guaranteed to get an extra one, when you have 5 spheres, the chance is 1 in 5.

There are three types of spheres:ss

  • White
    • Special ability: Jump
  • Orange
    • Special ability: Dash
  • Blue
    • Special ability: Slow-Mo

Sometimes a worm-like creature composed of black spheres will appear on the stage. A red arrow appears around your sphere pointing to it. The arrow gets bigger when the worm creature is near, so you can evade it even when it’s off-screen. The best way to evade it is to use your special ability at the right time. The worm will try to follow you so it also helps if you move sideways.

Pro-tip: The red corner of the blocks is their ‘pivot’ point. they only rotate around them, and they are always in contact with the ground. You can use this information to predict where they may rotate and avoid them hitting you.

Mortal Attack


A fighting game in which fighters are launched in the air and can either perform a move to hit the opponent or grab them and try to smash them onto walls or on the ground or thrown them away at something solid, it has RPG elements and there are 8 races with different stats. There are 20 weapons, 10 ‘sharp’ that stick to the enemy and cause damage when you hit the weapons while they’re stuck, and 10 ‘blunt’ that are basically dead weight and a safe thing to land on; since weight is very important in the game, they are more useful than they sound, as long as your character has strength and weight (and level) to control them. There are also more than 200 armor parts, 8 ‘poses’ and 8 ‘moves’.

1 2 9 8 7 6 5 4 3


Ninja Wheel


This is a simple game that requires quick reflexes and rhythm to be played. Includes leaderboards (Google Play) so you can compete with your friends.

The game can be played in landscape or portrait since the gameplay is generic and the important UI elements respond to the device’s physical orientation. For OS purposes (notification bar) the default orientation is landscape.

This game is totally free and ad-free; the only service it uses is Google Play (3rd party) and it’s optional and disabled by default.

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