My new website

On 2013 I started my first game development blog on It was unprofessional and I simply was posting my released games on Google Play one after the other and some information regarding them. It was completely product-centric and needless to say it failed miserably as a blog.

Since then I started working as a game developer for other people and I felt that I needed a proper website. I decided to go with WordPress because it’s easy to create a child-theme, and there are lots of popular and well-tested themes out there I could use as base theme, but most importantly, WordPress is very good for your blogging needs, and I always wanted to have a tech blog. Another big plus is that due its popularity there are plugins for anything you can think of.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts. I plan to post regularly but that depends on a lot of factors.

Thank you for visiting my website.


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