Ninja Wheel available on Google Play



This is a quick game I’ve made past weekend. It’s a totally free and ad-free, ‘no-strings-attached’ release. It’s similar to other games but the level generator algorithm is unique, at higher levels you can play solely by keeping a consistent rhythm between your taps.

It only includes leaderboards (Google Play) so you can compete with your friends. And can be played in landscape or portrait since the gameplay is very generic (no gravity for instance) and the in-game UI responds according to the device’s physical orientation. For OS purposes the default orientation is landscape so the system bar is fixed.

Google Play Service is optional and disabled by default. This is a good game to have handy for a quick play. Sessions are around 1 minute. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome.

For support (requests, bugs, etc.), just comment below.

Current to-do list for the next release:

  • Increase tap ‘window’?
  • Add support for keyboards/joysticks
  • Add ‘quit’ button for devices with dynamic on-screen system buttons
  • Add basic configuration for music volume

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